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State Police to Increase Patrol Presence over Holiday Weekend

dui2-300x199The Maryland State Police recently announced that its troopers will be out in force this weekend as millions of motorists are expected to hit the road for holiday travel and celebrations.  All 23 trooper barracks from the Eastern Shore to Western Maryland will participate in the increased patrol effort, which is being funded in part by the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration’s Highway Safety Office.  The State Police will deploy specially trained troopers who have been taught to identify impaired drivers through the use of tactics such as driving pattern observation and deployment at strategic locations and times.  These troopers are part of the SPIDRE team that has been patrolling Maryland highways for over a decade.  SPIDRE stands for State Police Impaired Driving Reduction Effort, and it was created by a grant from MDOT with the goal of reducing alcohol related injuries and fatalities in Maryland.

Starting out in Western Maryland, the state police will be conducting high visibility enforcement along Interstate 68, which is a dangerous stretch of highway that runs through Cumberland and Frostburg.  The Frederick and Hagerstown state police barracks will focus their patrols on Interstate 70 in Washington County and Frederick County.  They will likely be joined by troopers from Howard County on parts of I-70.  Howard County troopers will also be patrolling highways 29, 32 and 100, which are heavily trafficked on all nights and weekends.  The Golden Ring Barrack will be out in force on the I-695 in Baltimore County.  We have handled dozens of DUI, leaving the scene of an accident and suspended license cases initiated by troopers from the Golden Ring Barrack.  These cases end up in the Essex, Catonsville and Towson District Courts, though we generally prefer to handle our cases in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County.

Troopers from the D.C. Metro area will also be out and about on Interstate 495, which has become notorious for serious injury accidents and even DUI manslaughter/ homicide by motor vehicle cases.  I-495 is narrow, curvy and heavily trafficked, which is a dangerous mix of variables.  Interstates 95 and 97 will also be points of emphasis for law enforcement, as will Route 50, which crosses through Anne Arundel County, Queen Anne’s County, Talbot County, Dorchester County, Wicomico County and Worcester County.  Southern Maryland jurisdictions including Charles County and St. Mary’s County will also have a heavy patrol presence along Route 301 and Route 5.

The Blog will continue to follow this week’s patrol saturation and may post a follow up article if MSP reveals any newsworthy data.  If you have been arrested or have received a citation contact Maryland traffic citation lawyer Benjamin Herbst anytime for a free consultation at 410-207-2598.  Benjamin handles all tickets and violations from driving without a license to DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.  He also specializes in federal traffic violations such as DWI and driving uninsured vehicle on federal property or on the BW Parkway (295).  Benjamin is also a skilled Maryland criminal defense lawyer who handles manslaughter by vehicle with gross negligence and criminal negligence and also homicide by motor vehicle while impaired.  If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI it is important to act quickly, as your license will likely be suspended 6 weeks after the arrest.  Under Maryland law anyone who refuses to take a breathalyzer test or takes the test, and the results are over .08, will have his or her license suspended.  In cases where there is a refusal or a test result of .15 or higher the only way to continue driving legally is to install interlock.  A defendant who takes the test and scores between .08 and .15 will have the option of petitioning for a restricted license through the Office of Administrative Hearings.  A lawyer may be able to help you keep your license, and Benjamin routinely handles MVA administrative hearings for his clients.

Maryland State Police Increasing Patrols Over Christmas Weekend,

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