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Student Arrested After Giving Teacher Pot Brownie

brownie2.jpgMarijuana infused foods, also known simply as edibles, are becoming increasingly popular for pot users of all ages. These products have been in existence for decades, but for the most part were only available in concert parking lots or as a rare party favor. Edibles were never considered a mainstream way to ingest marijuana, but this changed with the dramatic rise of medical marijuana and new patients it attracted. With the opening of state regulated medical marijuana dispensaries came an increased demand for edibles. Medical marijuana patients with an aversion or even a physical inability to smoke needed a way to ingest the beneficial drug without subjecting themselves to the unwanted smoke. The answer was edibles, and now the demand has created an entire industry for edible marijuana.

Edibles are part of a billion dollar business, and are now manufactured using highly sophisticated processes in order to satisfy state regulations, and consumer preferences. Years ago if you wanted to eat your weed rather than smoke it you were forced to prepare it in your own kitchen with a stove, oven, and bootleg recipe book. Now you can simply go to a dispensary and purchase a number of products including lollipops, chocolate bars, cookies, and sour gummies. Though, as there are no dispensaries in Maryland, the kitchen is still the only option as of now. But that does not mean it’s kosher to pack a homemade pot brownie with your lunch. Especially if you are a high school student.

A seventeen year old student at an Ann Arundel county high school was recently arrested for multiple crimes stemming from an unfortunate incident involving a pot brownie and a teacher. The student was apparently eating the weed laced desert during a study session when the teacher approached and asked for a bite. Rather than saying no, the student panicked and handed over a piece to the teacher who ate it without a thought. Sometime later though the teacher began to feel the effects of the homemade edible, and that’s when things turned for the worse. The teacher was eventually brought to the hospital in an ambulance (a bit excessive it would seem) and then later released. The student was brought to the office and questioned by school administrators and the school resource police officer, where he quickly admitted that the brownie did in fact contain marijuana. Anne Arundel County Police then arrived on scene to arrest the student for his actions. Unfortunately they did not simply charge him with possession of marijuana, but rather with numerous serious offenses including administering a controlled dangerous substance, drug distribution, second degree assault, and reckless endangerment. These charges are absolutely excessive considering the totality of the circumstances, but there is still hope that things will turn out alright for the student.

The student was charged as a juvenile, which means his identity and the results of his court case will be sealed from public record. The case will be heard at the circuit court in Annapolis, and chances are that the state’s attorney will only pursue one of the counts. Hopefully they will not be hard pressed to pursue a felony count such as drug distribution. Administering a controlled substance is likely the only count that will stick, and this is a misdemeanor. Of course, there may be some issues that the student’s lawyer could bring up to challenge some or all of the charges, but this depends on what exactly was done and said. If the case stays in juvenile court, it is unlikely that there will be a public resolution to the case, but if we hear anything, we will post a follow up article.

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